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Bird Debris

I decided to keep a page for the things birds leave behind, too! A digital 'collection' since I can't physically keep what I find.
It is illegal in many places to collect parts of birds. Do not disturb wildlife or their nests.

Herring gull's feather
date: 20/07/2022.
size: ???
Looks like a primary!

Tawny owl's feather
date: 18/06/2022.
size: ???
A male and female live near my grandmother. Sometimes I hear them having a conversation at night.

Great spotted woodpecker's feather
date: 28/04/2022.
size: ~80mm long.
A secondary. I have yet to actually see the woodpecker!

Woodpigeon's egg
date: 11/04/2022.
size: 25x35mm.
Interesting find. No nests in sight, in the middle of a lawn. Entirely intact, too!