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Bird Log

This is a page dedicated to birds I've seen and photographed. Home of my crustiest JPEGs. Enjoy!

Blackbird, common
The oldest blackbird recorded by Euring was aged 21 years and 10 months.
Ringed birds' ages are counted from when they were first caught. So, the bird is actually even older! Unless it was ringed when it first hatched!
The average lifespan is 3 years.

a very distant, barely visible buzzard flying

Buzzard, common
My funniest photo. This beautiful species was nearly persecuted to regional extinction in the 1900s. It's now the UK's commonest raptor!

Coot, Eurasian
Initially thought this was a moorhen. Coots have white beaks and black feathers.
Moorhens have red beaks and white under-tails.

Cormorant, great
There's a long history of their training in various countries for use in fishing!

Crow, carrion
This was a charming bird. Stood on his fencepost and took off every time someone walked past. He'd use the wind to hover in place two metres up and land once they left.

two collared doves sat on a branch, leaning against each other.

Dove, collared
Not native to the UK, like a lot of resident wildlife here. Not introduced, either. Its range spread from Europe and Asia to Norfolk in 1955 and is now found across the UK.

These two are friends. [:

Duck, tufted
Charming black-and-white birds with crested heads and yellow eyes.

I saw goldeneyes the same day but I didn't realise until later they were different species. Unlike tufted ducks, goldeneyes have white spots on their cheeks.

Goose, greylag
Ancestor of most domestic goose breeds. Except for the African and Chinese geese, descended from the swan goose.

Grebe, great crested
I saw three on the same day. Very exciting! Beautiful birds.

black headed gulls flying low over water

Gull, black headed
A flock of them was skimming over the water. Catching insects, maybe!

One of my favourite birds. I love their winter plumage. They lose the black heads except for a spot on their cheek.

juvenile herring gull on the ground

Gull, herring
This juvenile lived on the roof of my workplace for a summer! We had another pair the year after.

Gull, lesser black backed
Distinguished from the herring gull by its larger size and yellow legs. And from the yellow legged gull by its darker back.

Heron, grey
They can have a 6ft wingspan, but weigh less than 2kg!

Small corvids. Dark grey bodies and black heads with blue eyes.

a jay standing atop a birdhouse built for much smaller birds

Jay, Eurasian
So excited to finally get a picture... they're known for eating acorns and other tree nuts, but also eat bugs, and other birds' eggs and young!

Kestrel, common
Chased after this poor beast on my bicycle to get a picture. Kestrels 'wind-hover' by flying into the wind at its same speed. Buzzards and other birds do this to look for prey too, but aren't nearly as good at keeping their head so still.

Some people think kestrels can hover without wind. In 1884 Richard Jeffries noted this could be the secret to 'the construction of an aerial machine'.

Kite, red
These birds were persecuted to extinction in Scotland and England in the 1870s. Britain is now home to ~1800 pairs! The Welsh population still descends from a single female.

a magpie awkwardly hunched as it takes off

Magpie, Eurasian
Caught this one taking off. "One for sorrow, two for joy..."

Ancestor of most domestic duck breeds. Except for muscovies: those come from the Americas.

adult house martin flying towards its babies in their nest

Martin, house
Got on the wrong train and met these beasts at the next station!

a moorhen and its chick float together in water

So stoked to get a picture of this moorhen so close. And then from the bank its little furball of a chick appeared!

Pigeon, feral
Always loved these guys. The rock dove, the feral pigeon's ancestor, was domesticated over 6000 years ago in the Middle East.

Robin, European
Size Of One Molecule

A rook has a bare, whitish face and beak. It has a lower 'caw' than a crow and its head is pointier upwards.

Swan, mute
Non-mated juveniles can form flocks of hundreds of birds!

a great tit-coloured blur circled in red with arrows pointing to it

Tit, great
Managed to capture the exact moment the bird took off.

A darker head than a bluetit, with an unbroken black stripe down the chest. They have a recognisable 'see-saw see-saw' call.

a group of turnstones in winter plumage, showing dark brown backs

Turnstones visit the UK from Europe, Greenland and Canada. They move very precisely.

This is their winter plumage! In summer their backs are lighter brown and barred.

grey wagtail with a yellow and white belly stands on a pebble over a river.

Wagtail, grey
Struggled so hard getting a picture of her (a female due to the partly white belly). Formerly red-listed, but their population is increasing!

white wagtail standing on a car's wing mirror.

Wagtail, white
There are 9+ subspecies. This is a 'pied' wagtail. I watched it try to break into a car for 5 minutes

Took this photo through a binocular lens to get a good zoom. Beautiful ducks. The males have dark red-brown heads with pale foreheads.

Woodpecker, green
I saw a green woodpecker! Special picture-less entry for this because I was so excited.

woodpigeon sitting on a telephone wire.

This beast sat and watched me play Hades through the window.