On the ratwalk

Pronouns are he/him.

When I was a kid my hobbies included basic HTML coding, photoshopping dogs into images of other dogs, catching grasshoppers, and downloading animated cursors onto school computers. Now I'm using these skills to build myself a website!

I am an artist. I mostly make digital illustrations, but I also do animation, and linocut and wood carving.

Birdwatching fanlisting


  • Visual art things (digital, animation, linocut, wood carving)
  • Fibre art things (embroidery, sewing, visible mending)
  • Spotting things (birds, trains)
  • Music things (bass guitar, normal guitar, song writing)
  • Skating (inline)
  • Web development (online)

this site is miku approved
neocities: web design is my passion
internet free
hell on the web
css is awesome
a skull over a crackling fire
trans rights now
defund police now