Hello! This site is where I share my art, talk about birds, and generally keep the things I like on line. I started this project to teach myself HTML and CSS for fun. I recommend it. This also means it’s under construction forever. Welcome!



Update log

✦ 25/04/2023 - New digital art.
✦ 23/04/2023 - Gardening Zone Is Live. Not much going on now but there will be. (+ small changes to links etc)
✦ 20/04/2023 - Small updates to bird log, music pages etc. I am now a little less busy. Realised I accidentally missed my site's anniversary!
✦ 07/02/2023 - Skipnav added! I forgot I'd fixed my coding problem with it several months ago.
✦ 26/01/2023 - I am still here. Just very busy. Added more sites I like to the link page!
✦ 04/11/2022 - Edited the music page. Finally working through to-do list.
✦ 03/11/2022 - I'm back! Birdzone is now mostly responsive, style edited for legibility, new birds etc. Some other minor changes sitewide.
✦ 22/09/2022 - new music page!
✦ 20/09/2022 - sitemap updated. about + index page images are responsive now!
✦ 19/09/2022 - stuff page + subpages are (mostly) finally live! you'll notice my capitalisation is now even more uneven.