Cool Links

Check out some cool places on the web!

Personal sites

Weiwei XuEverest Pipkincoolbirdbugcreatureiku0heartsjuneryCitycat's Railway Web Site


Marginalia search - search engine focusing on non-commercial (and ‘small, old and obscure’) sites
Wiby - search engine ‘building a web of pages as it was in the earlier days of the internet’
WindowSwap - see the view from "a window somewhere in the world"
Radiooooo - listen to music from different countries and decades
BeepBox - an online music making tool! I use it all the time!
Sewing and Embroidery Warehouse - Embroidery troubleshooting

Web Resources

HTML validator
CSS validator
w3c's web content accessibility guidelines 2.0
Contrast triangle - check the contrast levels of hyperlinks, text and backgrounds are sufficient
Guide to alt text
Website carbon calculator - with resources on reducing the environmental impact of a site
Convertio - convert file types
Ordered dither maker
Compressgif - compress JPEG, PNG, GIF or PDF with the force of an elephant
123guestbook - free guestbook
Cbox - free chatbox
Responsive design checker
Embed responsively!
Drivel Defence - webpage and text tool that checks if your writing is in plain English. (The webpage version doesn't work for me. But I find the text version useful!)