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Some of my favourite miscellaneous images on line. Linked to sources.

a facebook post in the group 'crap wildlife photography' of a blurry, unidentifiable bird flying.  it's captioned 'no idea'. a text conversation.  someone says, interspersed with many emojis and repeating themself, 'hi hi i'm on my way'. their second message reads 'hi hi i have arrived' which they repeat in all caps.

a catfish captioned 'baby cats very cute'

a screenshot of a discord chat. ratwalks says, 'im really enjoying web design but im also struggling so much check out my 4 scrollbars'. attached is a screenshot of his browser, showing the bird zone from his site with four differently sized scrollbars on the side.  a second person with a censored name says in all caps, 'put those scrollbars away'.  ratwalks replies 'dude im trying so hard'. a composite photo of many black headed gulls flying or sitting on water