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Taken on a Canon AE-1. Arranged from newest to oldest. Click on an image to view its full size (opens in new tab).
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summer 2022

- Ilford FP4 Plus black & white film
an empty chair at a table with a bowl.  the glowing shape of light from a window can be seen on the wall and chair.  specks of light dance across the walls. the camera focuses on distant roofs under a white sky.  in the foreground, blurred gravestones are visible in tall grass.  the frame is fringed by unfocused leaves. an overgrown gravestone in the woods partly hidden by ivy and tall grass.  the legible text reads 'in loving memory - dead husband' and cuts off. a shot of dark, ivy covered trees. further down, two small chapel rooms with a spire between them. a woodpigeon sits on the roof of a house surrounded by chimneys and spires, against a white sky. dark trees let specks of light through.  in the middle, a robin sits on a telephone wire, singing with its head tipped back. a herring gull flies over the sea's waves, under a white sky. a herring gull against a dark sky, soaring over the sea.  another herring gull follows it, barely visible against the sea.